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Working as a freelancer husband & wife team, we form a company with service in mind and strong business idea; with the IT background and business study. We form a new foundation of the business since 1996.  We have cover several Major international Events and working with broadcasters. and continue our service with pleasing result to cover prestigious major events, documentaries, Communications and planning, budgeting, design a Studio, editing facilities, competent with technical builds, equipment configuration, commissioning, Live shows Telecasting, Co Ordinate with number of News Team, Produce of various programs, Vision Mixing, operation. And some understanding of satellite uplink and downlink, broadcast engineering services and operations.

RaNi Technology we are Professional with over 15 years’ experience in technology and leadership. Broad technical knowledge combined with outstanding performance and creative problem solving skills in technological and technical areas. Execute Self Employed Media solution Provider Company. We offer broad Range of solution in IPTV, Digital Signage, Web TV, Video Conferencing, Training, networking experience and good understanding of technology and also had good experience to make documentaries, Live shows Telecasting, Co Ordinate with News Team, Produce of other programs, News Gathering, Communications and planning, budgeting and designing a Studio. We also offer post production editing facilities software such as Avid, News Cutter Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Premier Pro, software for creating Special Effect After Effect, Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Sorenson Squeeze and broadcast Camera, Vision Mixer, Live Mixing from OB van and turn around media services to requirements. Sum of Our Clients are Abu Bhabi TV, Dubai TV, ITV, Sony TV, Zee TV, MATV, Aastha International Television, and hands in to commercial & corporate projects.  Travel extensively within the UK and Abroad we are working with small, medium, and enterprise level Infrastructure.

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