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Equipment Needed to Set Up a Simple Video Studio

Imagine the possibilities!

Are you struggling to compete in a crowded online niche? Set-up a simple TV-video studio in your house or office and dazzle your fans with videos that show off your products or services. Set up your own shopping network.  Seriously, you could with a simple, but well organized video production studio. Look at QVC with the mind of a TV producer and what do you see?

A couple of people sitting on a simple set, holding up products, and chit-chatting non-stop. How easy is that?

Reasonably easy.

Setting up a studio allows you to crank out lots of videos quickly.  Studio production method uses multiple cameras and microphones at once.  It’s all edited live, on the fly like a live TV show.  This saves TONS of time in editing.


“Live-to-tape,” or “as-live,” is an expression in TV production that means it is done in a live manner but recorded for playback later.  If you make minor mistakes, you keep going, just like you would if it were live.   Live-to-tape is a great method. All studio production, even if you do tweak it some later, is MUCH faster and cheaper than standard field production, which is one-camera technique and editing.

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